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Tile Tips!

  • Do you want a grout color that hides dirt the best? Don't use a light colored grout (it gets dirty fast), Don't use black grout (it looks gray when it gets dirty).  GROUT COLOR OF CHOICE: DELOREAN GRAY!
  • Do you want the elegance of MARBLE, but don't want to worry about everyone walking on it and/or don't want to spend that much money? Use ceramic tile on the main floor, and put a *border* around the room using the expensive, elegant Marble!
  • Do you have a big stain on your carpet under your dining room table? Cut a "diamond" or "rectangular" shape out of the carpet (removing the stain) directly underneath the table. INSTALL tile or stunning marble in its place!
  • Trying to find a way to add some pizzazz or a "finished" look to your room? A tile, marble, granite, or stone base may do the trick!  If you want, you can become creative like this mosaic base tile around a kitchen bar.  The flooring is 16 x 16 stone.


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