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Floors & Walkways

The most often used tile for floors is 12 x 12 or larger ceramic tile, but any size and any type of tile can be used.

Here are some examples of floors and walkways:

Off-set Stone Living Room

Slate Kitchen

A custom designed Bathroom Floor of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

A custom stone floor in a circular room, with a glass circular mosaic in the center

You can have walkways indoors and well as outdoors! Many people forget this option.


Outdoors, Brick Pavers are the tile of choice for many people. It is durable, skid resistant, down-to-earth, and goes with practically anything!

An entrance-way of Brick Pavers

Mexican Saltillo is also used a lot outside. Although, it is being used more and more inside as well!
Do you want a casual walk-way, without pouring concrete?  Broken Tile Mosaic Stepping Stones create a relaxed and interesting walk-way.

For an rich and elegant look, nothing beats Marble!  Here is a green marble hall way.

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