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Retail Stores and other commercial tile jobs need to consider the excessive wear on their floor! Most stores have hundreds of people walking in and out each day. Of course, this is WHY tile is such a good choice! It is very durable, easy to clean, and looks magnificent!

Some suggestions for floors

  • Porcelain Tile looks good even if it is chipped! You can't say the same for Ceramic Tile.
  • Marble and Granite are a high-maintenance (and expensive) choice, but any scratches can be buffed out completely, looking brand new again! Not to mention that nothing looks richer than Marble and Granite!
  • Don't use a light colored grout. It gets dirty much too easily, and you'll be sorry! Grout color of choice: "Delorean Gray"
  • Don't use carpet in the entrance way, it will show foot wear very easily! If you must have carpet - install a tile walkway for an entrance!

Store Fronts and Walls

If your retail establishment involves cooking, tile all the walls (yes ALL of them) up to the ceiling with 4 x 4 wall field tile. This will save time in cleaning, and later expense because you won't have to re-paint or re-wallpaper it.

If you want a 'knock-out' store front, there is no better choice than some type of stone. Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Shell, etc. Use the polished stones for an elegant look, and the natural stones for that down-to-earth feel.

Marble and Granite store front with pillar accents! Porcelain and Granite floor.

We are based in Florida and Ohio - but have traveled from New Orleans to Nebraska and many places in between to design and install tile, stone and mosaics! If you need something designed and/or installed, just and we'll see what we can do for you! Please Type "Commercial Tile" in the subject heading of the email.


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